Dry Leasing (Operting Leases)

Operating Leases have been a major element in the aviation industry for decades. Small and large Lessors alike have supplied a multitude of operators with aircraft through leasing. As Avico, we have been involved in many operating lease structures, sitting on both ends of the table. With our parent company carrying a portfolio of aircraft ranging from ATR42s to 747s, we have both acted as a Lessor and a Lessee. We are therefore comfortable working with our clients on aircraft procurement much the same as finding homes for aircraft that our clients have available for dry-lease. Whilst we do not offer direct financing to our clients, we do advise our clients that operating leases are simply a form of “off balance sheet financing” which can be beneficial for all parties involved.

Procurement & Asset Sales

In the very dynamic aviation industry, it is important to ensure the right fleet composition by maintaining the right type of Aircraft. As a part of that, we place great value in staying up to date on both technological advancements as well as financial and regulatory updates which drive today’s dynamic marketplace. For years we have been giving our partners and clients invaluable consultation on finding both the right source and market for Aircraft trading. Our everyday priority is to ensure that all parties reach a win-win scenario, which in turn supports their future business and investments. In order to achieve those goals we are committed to partnering and collaborating with financial institutions, private equity funds, lessors and lessees alike.

Asset Management

Establishing a systematic process of monitoring and maintaining the value of aviation assets such as aircrafts, engines, and any other major components is vital to any owner in order to achieve a maximized return of the investment. We can provide that monitoring service and help maintain that value for our clients by consulting on what precautions and steps are necessary to take. By getting to know our clients objectives we gain a better understanding of their business plan and thus we can merge our expertise to achieve the best results.

About building value…

Tracking the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation of an asset can be a significant challenge. Through our experience, know-how, and track record we pride ourselves in being a value adding factor by applying our trade and helping our clients manage their assets to ensure they keep producing value through either investment or divestment. Our role is to lead the process while our clients make the decisions they feel are healthy for their organizations.


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